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EV Transportation & Technology Summit

EV Summit Poster Session

Tuesday, October 18th
4:00 - 6:00 pm During the reception at the EV Summit

The electrification of transportation is seen as one of the most promising solutions to lowering the carbon footprint of transportation and ensure energy independence. The EV Transportation & Technology Summit will host a poster session as a platform to present ideas and facilitate inter-disciplinary communications. Poster presentations from students, industry, and government entities are welcome.

Located at the Florida Solar Energy Center

The poster topics are categorized in four areas. The following list provides topic areas with sub-topic examples, but the posters do not need to be limited to the examples.

  1. Policy, Planning and Practice

    • Standards, Codes and Safety
    • Incentivizing EV Purchasing
    • Driver Behavior
    • Transportation Planning
    • Charging Station Location Selection
    • Fleet Integration
  2. V2X Integration

    • Bidirectional Charging
    • Smart Grid Technologies
    • Renewable Energy Integration
    • V2G, V2V, V2H Case Studies
    • Hardware
  3. Vehicle Technology

    • GHG Emissions Assessment
    • Electrification of Auxiliary Systems
    • Powertrain Electrification
    • Fuel Cell Vehicles
    • Automated and Connected Vehicles
    • Wireless Charging
  4. Energy Storage

    • Battery Technology
    • Battery Degradation
    • Recycling and Repurposing
    • Non-battery Storage (Hydrogen, Fly wheels, Super Capacitors)

Submission Instructions:

All poster presenters are required to submit an abstract, of 300 words or less, via the Abstract Submission by the close of business September 9th, 2016.

Selection notices will be announced on September 9th, 2016. Questions may be directed to posters@evsummit.org. Presenters that have their poster accepted for presentation are required to register for the Summit.