Britta Gross

Britta K. Gross

Wed. 10/21
Drive Electric Florida
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Britta Gross is the Director of Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy at General Motors. She is responsible for identifying energy strategies and partnerships, and steering the commercialization efforts for alternative fuel infrastructures required to support the deployment of GM's rapidly developing biofuel, natural gas, plug-in battery-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle propulsion technologies.

Ms. Gross has an extensive and diverse background in the automotive and aerospace industries. She began her career in 1983 with Hughes Space & Communications in Los Angeles; in the late 90's, she brought aerospace program management practices into the automotive industry, leading a European joint aerospace/automotive project that involved Hughes, GM, and Opel vehicle design engineers. Britta sits on the Board of Directors of the Electric Drive

Transportation Association and the GoElectricDrive Foundation and is one of Automotive News' "Electrifying 100" and a 2013 recipient of the GreenBiz "Verge 25" award.



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