Omer Tatari

Dr. Omer Tatari

Tue. 10/18
Driving the Decision, Life-Cycles of EV Transportation
2:15 - 3:00 PM

Driving the Decision, Life-Cycles of EV Transportation

Return on investment is a primary concern in the deployment of EVs. Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) can impact this analysis through the consideration of economic, environmental, regional and societal influences. LCAs are employed in many project and financial assessments and are applicable whether a passenger vehicle, a transit bus, or a delivery truck is being considered.

Dr. Omer Tatari serves as the Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in the University of Central Florida's Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering. His research on integrated sustainability assessment focuses on systematically analyzing the social, environmental, and economic aspects of engineered systems from a life cycle perspective.

Dr. Tatari is the subject editor of the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, a leading scientific journal in LCA research. He is the author of over hundred scientific publications in the area of sustainability and infrastructure management and is also a LEED accredited professional (AP).



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