Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis

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ITS-Davis begins its 25th year, with their pioneering commitment to sustainable transportation now widely embraced. Their Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center continues its world-leading research on rapidly evolving consumer markets, policy, and technology. Its researchers are playing a key role not just in California but across much of the U.S. and China, and in collaborations around the world. In addition to their flagship research programs on vehicles, energy, environmental impacts, travel behavior, and pavements, they are launching two exciting new research initiatives in 2016 and expanding a third. The first is the Future Mobility Initiative, designed to tackle questions posed by the rapid adoption of on-demand mobility services and the emergence of connected and automated vehicles. The second is their Sustainable Freight Initiative, which will provide foundational knowledge and critical research to support policymakers and other stakeholders. Their expanded initiative is their rapidly expanding China Center for Transportation and Energy, which provides research and guidance to help China’s transition to more sustainable transportation.

Reflecting their extraordinary expertise across disciplines-in mobility, fuels, vehicles, freight, and infrastructure-ITS-Davis continues to lead the U.S. DOT's National Center for Sustainable Transportation, a consortium of six leading national university research centers.


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